Festivalprat #11 Mohammad Habeeb

«Arv» har fått en ganske annen betydning i Syria enn ordet har i Norge.

Møt Mohammad Habeeb i Urfamføring: Fire tekster om arv og sammen med sønnen Khaled Habeeb på festen i Boksalongen.

What were the first thoughts that came to your mind when asked to write about «heritage»?

Actually, I thought of the discrepancy between the political heritage and the human heritage. The awful immoral political heritage that improves new faces to the same old cruel principals on one hand, and what the peoples aspire to and try to accumulate through solidarity, on the other hand.

Do you think a word like heritage sounds or appears very different in a country like Norway and Syria?

Yes, as it implies some sides and meanings, which cannot be found in Syria, such as the heritage of democracy, human rights, freedom of expression and belief, the peaceful redistribution, transfer and  relinquishment of power, in addition to the rule of law here in Norway. We lack all these faces of heritage there in Syria.

You have translated Norwegian poetry to Arabic. What, from this experience, is your impression of the Norwegian lyrical heritage?

Though it is a limited experience, I found that the heritage here is deeply rooted in the history of this nation and its distinct climate and swiftly changing weather.

By Teresa Grøtan