Festival Talk #4: Minna Salami

We are excited to present the Finnish-Nigerian speaker, blogger and writer Minna Salami at our festival.

Afrikansk vs. vestlig feminisme Hvite kvinners makt

Salami runs the award-winning blog, Ms. Afropolitan, where she publishes posts on feminism, literature, film, art and issues concerning equality both on race and gender. Recently the blog was selected to be part of The Guardians Book Network.

At the festival, Salami will reflect on the differences between African and Western feminism and debate feminist issues across global boundaries with Associate Professor Kari Jegerstedt.

What makes you a feminist?

– I cannot imagine being a woman and not being a feminist. There are so many injustices against women in the world that for me being a feminist and being female are inseparable.

Your blog is called MsAfropolitan. Please explain the term afropolitan.

– The term Afropolitan is a combination of the words African and cosmopolitan. As such it is a philosophical position about the world  in which African heritage realities are both interrogated and understood with the tools and nuances of modern-day globalisation.

– Do you think that a festival with a focus on international issues is of special value?

– It is of great value and importance to connect our feminist struggles and victories on a global scale. By sharing our insights and experiences we discover how much we share in common, and can start to undo the fragmentation that the patriarchal, neocolonial, militaristic world structure creates.

You’ve had a chance to look at the programme – what catches your eye? 

– I’m excited to listen to Noo Saro-Wiwa speak. I see that she will be speaking about her father, Ken Saro-Wiwa, a renowned human rights activist whose life struggle remains relevant in Nigeria, where he was from. Also, Noo Saro-Wiwa’s book Travels in Transwonderland is fantastic.

Interview by Teresa Grøtan